Just one of the reasons I view porn to be anti-woman is because it is used as a weapon against women.

You should see my inbox. Men who are threatened by the content of my blog sending me porn pictures and gifs in attempt to trigger me, dominate me, silence me, and put me in my place.

If that doesn’t speak volumes…

Hey, so about consent. This is something I have been struggling with for awhile: is drunk sex always not consensual? I was sexually assaulted when I was drunk, and alcohol was used as a "date rape drug" in this case really. But I feel that I have also had great consensual sex with my boyfriend when drunk. In these cases, we explicitely talk about wanting to have sex before getting intoxicated. But alcohol is involved, sometimes in large quantities. What do you think?

TW: Rape

I think you answered your own question. Consent is involved where you and your boyfriend are concerned. You talk and communicate before about what you both want, and what your expectations are. The alcohol is not used to overpower, manipulate, or coerce anyone in this scenario, but to experiment and enhance a loving and respectful sexual act. xx

So there’s this post I’ve seen going around on my dash. It was reblogged by two gals that I follow, and really surprised me. The text reads: A body at rest wants to stay at rest. Unless it is being woken up by oral sex.

Then it proceeds to have a lot of porn gifs of guys eating girls out. This post originated from a porn blog, and this post was authored by a 21 year-old guy.

My issue with this is consent. You should never wake someone up by fucking them or in this case, eating them out without consent. That’s not sex, and that’s not fun…. that is assault.

I’m uncomfortable with the casual promotion of this idea, because it cruises right idea over consent. That is not okay. Consent is not something to be cruised over.

Do the people that send you hate realize that they're just making it super obvious that they're jealous of you?? I love your blog btw xx


Also, it took me a long time to be able to stand up for myself in a lot of ways, and not second guess myself for concern of other people’s (unimportant and irrelevant) opinions on myself.

I will not bow down from that. I’m proud. You can’t make me unproud.

There are like less than five people in this world that I really care about, and whose opinions hold any weight with me at all.Just consider that before you send me something hateful. You aren’t worth anything. This is definitely the post that is getting people all mad.

Really? I just checked and that post has 12 notes. I figured it would be one with tens of thousands of notes. But maybe you’re right.

But yeah, If people want to get mad at me for openly stating that I don’t give a rat’s ass about the opinions of people who send me violent hate, then I don’t know what to tell them. And I’m not sorry. They must not have enough real problems in their life.

Waiting to see if I get a follow-up response as to why I am am so entitled and terrible, but I doubt I will. People usually just want to yell at me on anon to make themselves feel better. Yawn.

But seriously, I’m looking through my activity archive and I don’t see anything that would elicit those reactions.

Confused, but curious.

Congratulations. You are officially the most entitled blogger I've run into all week. Self-confidence and assertiveness are one thing, but you think you are the sole judge of right and wrong. Fuck you.

Are you going to tell me which post is circulating that has got you all riled up? Because if you aren’t, then this is just annoying.

Oh, so you decide who matters and who doesn't? Fuck. That. Shit.

You’re gonna have to at least let me know what this is referring to? I have no idea…