"Blacks on Blondes"

Sound racist and possibly a tad sexist? That’s ‘cause it is. Since we have been on the topic of porn for a hot second, I thought I’d do more research (part political, part to help with trying to desensitize some personal triggers… which I wouldn’t really recommend), and ended up drawing the short stick.

I came across one specific production company that made me feel fucking gross. The company’s page enthusiastically informs the reader they they specialize in men with “big black cocks”, and the women, “nothing but white sluts, cheating wives, with big tits and tight white pussy”. Yeah…

I think it’s fantastic that this company has recognized that men with ample sized third legs have feelings too. Not only that, but they’ve spent the time to craft some thoughtful, female-friendly representations of women. Not to mention I am thrilled that neither the men nor the women seem to be commodified here at all… What did I ever have against this industry that seems to have such genuinely kind intent? *gags*