My god. I have a general rule of not responding to trolls who make it evident they are younger than my baby sis, but since you ended your ask with "if you dare… I’ll be waiting", I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so I had to respond to this. Publicly. Like I always do. AKA you’re not special.

Also, I’d hope the “old feminists of the 1900’s” would be “rolling in their graves” because of my blog, because a lot of those feminists were not inclusive, and instead, were racist, classist and transphobic… so thanks?

Also, your “prediction” about me posting this public (which I’ve already addressed) made no sense. Please explain the correlation between responding publicly as a choice - You say I have the same rights as you… choice is one of those rights, yeah? Or does that one not apply? - and being a victim?

Also, please cite examples of where I appear to be self-absorbed (your go-to phrase, I see from your blog) and entitled.

Also, please explain in the form of a four page essay how we’re really on the same playing field, when it’s you that goes out of your way to harass me?

Also, I’d like all this on my desk by Friday, or else you don’t get to go to the 8th grade dance next weekend. I mean it, mister.

Me responding to you at all is me responding to you personally.

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